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Using Social Media to Promote Your ATM Business

According to Pew Research, seventy-five percent or more internet users utilize some form of social media. Similarly, women and men use social media at similar rates. Social media is how many services businesses are now reaching their audience – providing everything from rides to online educational courses.

Is Your ATM Business Social?

If people are using social media to find, review and promote other consumer-based businesses, why not ATMs? Cash is important for in-store and in-person purchases, accounting for approximately forty-five percent of U.S. Consumer transactions, according to a recent study from Tremont Capital Group and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA).

Gaining easy access to cash is equally important – in fact, many banks and credit unions have already begun catching on to the “cash convenience” message to help them promote their own business models. ATM operators, unlike financial institutions, focus entirely on the delivery of cash and account access – without the background call for accounts, loans, or other financial services.

How to Use Social Media

Social media does not have to be difficult. With the right tools and planning, it can be a heavy-weight marketing and customer service tool without taking too much of your time and energy. Here are some basics for creating and running your social presence.

  • Create and Curate Content: Finding content can be the most time-consuming part of building a social media presence. Creating your own posts and press releases can not only build the SEO and clicks to your business website, it also provides easy posting material for your social channels. However, curating content from other sources is also beneficial and sets your brand up as a go-to, non-biased information source. Services such as Google Alerts and Talkwalker can provide easy access to relevant articles based on specific keywords.

  • Use a Social Media Dashboard: Scheduling posts ahead of time is a real time-saver. These services also allow you to monitor mentions, clicks, messages and other interactions so you can respond in a timely fashion. Hootsuite is one of the most popular of these services. However alternatives include Buffer, SproutSocial and SendSocialMedia.

  • Post at Proper Frequencies: It is possible to post too often or not enough on any social network. Fortunately, there have been plenty of studies to determine proper posting times and frequency.

  • Facebook: At least once per week.

  • Twitter: At least once per day. Space tweets at least one hour apart

  • Google+: At least once per week. Do not exceed once per day

  • Linkedin: At least once per week.

Social media is widely used and a growing resource for reaching consumers. With the steady use of cash and increasing digital traction in physical markets – social media is a winning venue for ATM businesses in the U.S. and globally.

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