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4 Ways to Make Your ATM Business More Like Amazon

In today’s fast-paced markets, Amazon seems to have all the answers – from attracting and retaining customers to making sure people continue to come back. For ATM businesses the pain points are two-fold – attracting locations for ATM placements and attracting consumers to utilize the machines once placed. As ever, the key seems to be customer service and support. Fortunately, Amazon continues to provide examples from which we can learn.

Here are the top four ways to make your ATM business stand out.

1. Be Online

Part of Amazon’s success is their website presence. Today’s consumers are digitally connected and expect businesses with which they interact to be the same. An updated, mobile friendly website can be a big step in the right direction for retailers and events to learn about your business as well as the products and services you offer. When it comes to driving transactions, having or participating in an ATM locator is a good idea. If you do not have access to an embeddable ATM locator, registering your individual sites with search engines such as Google will help consumers find your machines.

2. Exceptional Service

Amazon focuses on being customer-centric. Their goal is to make buying and selling goods on their portal easy and provide robust customer support. They provide a detailed FAQ, forum and responsive support all available on-site. ATM industry businesses can also benefit from creating a customer-centric culture. Providing updated information to retailers such as common error codes and how-to instructions and videos is just one example of being proactive with customer support. Responsive phone and email support or even online chat options are a plus – for both employees and customers.

3. Know Your Customers

Amazon uses predictive analytics and a ton of customer feedback analysis in order to determine what products to offer, from whom and at what prices. ATM businesses can use transaction volumes, withdrawal sizes and financial institution information to help determine the best interests for their business partners and consumers. This includes evaluating where more or fewer machines are needed, cash loads, denominations and what networks or financial institutions to partner with for potential surcharge-free access.

4. Eliminate Obstacles and Issues

Recently, Amazon partnered with specific retailers to provide a way for customers to pay for their Amazon orders with cash. This is just one example of how the company works hard to make using their services are as easy as possible by determining where the customer has issues and addressing them head-on. ATM operators should think proactively about all aspects of their business and determine where customers are running into difficulties.

Should customer support hours be longer? Would better online communication tools make communication easier? Should your locations have an easier way to request service, cleaning of the machine or ask other questions? Would digital advertising options be beneficial to customers and consumers? The best way to know is to open lines of communication with partners, perform surveys and monitor current customer service conversations to determine where the true obstacles are for your business and address them.

Amazon continues to provide a high-level example of catering to customers. By looking at their business it is possible for ATM companies to understand the best practices that have led to Amazon’s success – and attempt to model themselves for better customer service. Because in today’s fast-paced digital world, creating and maintaining dialogue with customers is a key to staying top-of-mind.

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