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3 Ways Online Content can Help your ATM and Payments Business

Most business owners and marketers know about blogs, white papers and infographics. They have seen them around the web, come across them in their online searches and probably receive emails with articles and announcements about recent updates from their favorite publications.

What many people do not realize is how this type of regular research, news and development can serve their own business.

Content is Search Engine King

The latest trend for many businesses is the development of a blog. The reason is clear — the latest search engine optimization algorithms are seeking more than standard website updates such as the addition of new images and text.

They are looking for pages of 500 to 850 words presenting informative content that uses a multitude of keywords and provides numbers, data and additional information.

Items that score high include data analysis summaries, press releases, white papers, e-books, infographics and other informative text and imagery aimed at keeping readers informed about specific subject matter related to the website's keyword focus.

Staying Top-of-Mind

Steady updating with informative content not only keeps your business at the top of search engine rankings, but it also creates additional opportunities for media partnerships and customer outreach.

Many industry publications are happy to source content from within the industry, publishing articles and editorials provided to them by advertisers and readers. Submitting your content for publication can increase reach, brand exposure and backlinks.

In addition to media publication, informative content encourages customers and website visitors to sign up for regular updates. This facilitates additional email and social media contact to announce the latest news, updates and downloads.

These content announcements initiate repeat website visits — keeping current and potential customers more engaged with your business.

Sales Tools

Quality, focused content is more than just an avenue for gaining and maintaining customer awareness — it's also a source for quotes, charts, statistics and data for use throughout the sales process.

Sales people with access to a library of supporting documentation have greater credibility. The content library also allows sales to reach out with white papers, graphics and information before and after phone conversations and presentations.

With so many ways to use content for sales, customer outreach and improving SEO, it is no wonder that many ATM and payment businesses have made the decision to begin adding content to their marketing strategy.


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