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Meet the People Behind the #ATMs You Use Every Day

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ATM as well as The ATM Industry Association’s 20th anniversary, ATMIA has published a special eBook, "Meet the People Behind the ATMs You Use Every Day."

The eBook includes a compilation of the dynamic stories told by a variety of people and companies active in both ATMIA and the ATM industry which were published by the association throughout the year.

“One of our association’s founding values is humanity – relationships based on respect and trust within our worldwide industry,” said Mike Lee, ATMIA CEO. “These are true stories of industry connections, friendships, romances and even marriages which were born in our industry over the years.”

The publication displays the respect, support, relationships and fun on which the ATM industry has thrived and grown over the past 50 years. ATMIA members share stories of the shoes they have worn, the ideas that have worked, advice they wish to share, the strange circumstances that led them to ATMs and much more. Like the ATM industry, the stories span across the globe, from the U.S. to Canada, Austria, Spain and beyond!

“The next generation of ATMs,” said Lee, “will be built, like the first 50 years, not on technology alone but on technology AND humanity working side by side. In the future, we will need an even more networked industry as we seek new global standards to increase interoperability.”

Download the eBook here

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