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2017 Marketing Trends for the ATM & Payments Industry

With so many new advertising and marketing options out there, it can often be hard for businesses to decide what strategies and technologies will be the best fit for their companies – and reach their target markets.

For the ATM and payments industry, the latest innovations are not necessarily the best investment. Often the best way to guarantee reach to your customers is utilizing reliable technology and strategies – while keeping up-to-date and informed on up and coming items to determine their future viability.

Here are our picks for the top marketing options for ATM and payments professionals:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite a while…for good reason. Studies consistently show email marketing to be one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

A study by Gigaom asking marketers to rank their most effective digital marketing strategies unanimously pointed to email as the best method to achieve awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention.

However, to truly gain success with email marketing, you can’t simply set up an auto-responder. Be sure your strategy involves reviewing open and click rates to determine what is truly triggering interest and behavior, and hone in on what is effective – in order to plan for future success.

2. Robust Content

Content has long proven to be the key to improving organic search engine optimization (SEO). Updates trigger website crawls by the search engines and improves keyword optimization. In fact, content not only feeds your SEO, it is the primary resource for developing valuable emails, advertising and customer outreach – as well as a treasure chest for your sales team. However, good content does't just improve rankings, it provides information and content to fuel connections to customers.

Good content will inform the customer and position the business as a go-to resource for information related to the business and/or industry. This style of content creation will specifically target the audience you are looking to pull in - and stand out amongst more generic fluff offerings.

3. Social Media

With social media taking over as a primary resource for news, ads and information dissemination, having a presence on the social networks is more important now than ever before. However, a set it and forget it attidude in regard to any social media account will do more harm than good.

Before venturing into the social media realm, you should evaluate your audience against the networks to determine compatilbility. You should also have a general idea of how you will set up regular posting and receive notifications of communication via your selected social networks. The key to doing social media well is not simply presence but presence.

4. Personal Stories

In the age of internet connectivity, reviews and testimonials are becoming more important. Audiences are increasingly looking for validation as well as information about how a business performs, the real benefits they provide and the customer service response they can expect to see. But they don’t just want assurences from their sales representative. Real stories from real customers have a heavy influence on their decisions.

Featuring real quotes and testimonials throughout your marketing – on your website, in your brochures, flyers and emails – is important. It is also a good idea to make a big deal out of real successes utilizing customer experiences as well as hard data to create white papers, infographics and case studies – all of which feed into your content, public relations and marketing machine.

While the latest innovations in marketing can be bright and shiny, these strategies have proven to produce real results. Focusing on these building blocks creates a solid foundation for reach into other forms of marketing and advertising – providing the quality infrastructure to allow for experimentation in other avenues of digital and traditional campaigns.

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